Natasha Mueller | Senior Session

I will admit - Senior photos are definitely some of my favorite types of photo shoots. The personality, creativity and energy in each one of them is so refreshing to this career. Natasha's spirit, kindness and willingness to do anything, like getting stung by a bee, is exactly why I love doing this! (Minus the bee sting part 😉).

Side note - I did learn from Tina N John Mueller/ Native American Crafts, that if you put wet mud on a bee sting it pulls out the stinger while relieving the bee sting. #MindBlown


The Segrust Group | About Cliff Cadle, Company Video

Latest company video:
Meet Cliff - Founder and Wealth Advisors at the Segrust Group. He is passionate about what he does and passionate about the client experience and who he likes to work with. There are more videos about Cliff on his YouTube channel: or visit Cliff's website:

Advisors' Pride Roadshows with Paul Hoffman

Meet Paul. He is an OSJ (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) in Appleton, WI with Advisors' Pride. He is a corporate strategist servicing Financial Advisors across the country. His knowledge and sense of humor is like no other I have ever met nor had the privileged to work with. This video is for an upcoming event or, per Paul, Roadshow. The roadshows are a day long seminar spread across the midwest where Financial Advisors can come and learn the ins-and-outs of buying and selling financial advisor practices as well as how to evaluate your business appropriately for the transactions.  

Janelle Hietpas | Professional Session

As I reminisce that one weekend when Janelle and her husband, Bob, were out of town, Shaylen (their daughter and a long-time friend of mine), and I decided it would be cool to draw all over the basement walls with chalk.... I'm sure you can guess what happened when Bob and Janelle got home... Well, at least it wasn't spray paint. Anyways - that is ONE of many great stories I have of this incredible family.

Thank you Janelle for this opportunity to capture your professional portraits!

- Sammy

Van de Loo Christmas | Winter Family Session

During this family shoot with the Van de Loo's, I was seriously hoping my tears, from laughing, were not going to freeze to my cheeks. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard during a client session. It was a great reminder of WHY I love capturing these special events and days for my clients.

Thank you Van de Loo family!

- Sammy

Landyn John | 9 Months

Mr. Landyn is back for his 9 month photo progression session! I love watching my friends and their little ones interact and grow together. Landyn is almost walking and has established a sassy side - It is extremely adorable!

Click HERE to view the full album!

Rick & Nellene | New Home

Family. We have been waiting for YEARS for Rick and Nellene to return home to Wisconsin. They've lived in North Bloomfield, Ohio for the past 20 years. Family is what brought both of these veterans back home. So happy I was able to add these two and their gorgeous new home to my portfolio. Enjoy!

Kayla Griffey Fitness | Business Logo and Calling Cards Design

Another happy client!

Kayla Griffey is a local fitness coach who helps her clients by supporting them, encouraging them and provides them with the needed materials to help them through their fitness journey.

Some other benefits that Kayla provides are meal plans, work out plans and daily tips and tricks. She's my go-to-girl!

Check out Kayla's story on her Facebook page @Kayla Griffey Fitness!

1st anniversay Trip back to Florida!

Kyle and I took our 1 year anniversary trip back to the white sands of Miramar Beach, Destin, Florida. If you didn't know, we got married on this same beach, blessed with our family and friends in attendance. While we were down in Florida for our wedding week, we were so busy entertaining and hosting all of our friends and family we really didn't have the opportunity to go out and enjoy the beach or tourism. So we went back for our 1 year.

On our 16 hour drive to Destin, we stopped in Nashville, TN for a night. What a freakin' blast! Live music everywhere! On top of that, while scoping out the Grand Ole Opry, Kyle noticed the one and only, Carrie Underwood was performing that night. I instantly stopped taking pictures and marched (more like ran) directly to the ticket booth and bought two tickets. One of the best nights ever.

Enjoy the photos from our 1st anniversary adventures!

- Sammy

Kelly Smith - Maternity Session with the Twins

Kelly and I have been friends for years. She has always been an inspiration to my art and music. It was such a blast trying to get these two twins to smile and sit still. Definitely an unforgettableexperience with a lot of silly faces. The twins have such sweet little personalities. I cannot wait to meet the new baby Smith!

Maternity Session | Cody & Brianna

One of my best childhood friends is having a baby! This is oh-so exciting and better yet, she has asked me to help capture all the special memories. At this point - they aren't sure whether they were going to have a boy or a girl - they like to keep it interesting and fun. Speaking of fun, we had a blast doing this shoot. Enjoy some of the photos for their maternity session HERE!