1st anniversay Trip back to Florida!

Kyle and I took our 1 year anniversary trip back to the white sands of Miramar Beach, Destin, Florida. If you didn't know, we got married on this same beach, blessed with our family and friends in attendance. While we were down in Florida for our wedding week, we were so busy entertaining and hosting all of our friends and family we really didn't have the opportunity to go out and enjoy the beach or tourism. So we went back for our 1 year.

On our 16 hour drive to Destin, we stopped in Nashville, TN for a night. What a freakin' blast! Live music everywhere! On top of that, while scoping out the Grand Ole Opry, Kyle noticed the one and only, Carrie Underwood was performing that night. I instantly stopped taking pictures and marched (more like ran) directly to the ticket booth and bought two tickets. One of the best nights ever.

Enjoy the photos from our 1st anniversary adventures!

- Sammy